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FastStrike Maxx


FastStrike Maxx

$ 20.00

SOLKOA Survival Systems™ Faststrike™ Maxx is the most robust and reliable fire striking tool currently on the market. This fire starting tool is a 4-inch long ferrocerium high-energy sparking rod and a 4-inch hardened steel hacksaw blade weighing only 3 ounces but will last for years of fire starting. This simple fire starting sparking system is more reliable than others, including flint-based lighters, because it has no mechanical parts and works when wet. The Faststrike™ system is also flexible for multiple tasks. When not needed for striking the sparking rod, the hacksaw blade can be used for cutting various materials, including metals, and produces excellent sawdust for use as additional tinder material. Many call this product the “FLAME THROWER”. Capable of generation a spectrum of intense sparks, up to temperatures of 5500°F! It’s the perfect tool for starting 10,000 + fires in any weather, at any altitude, There are no breakable plastic or failure points like spring or grips, just 100 percent FLAME THROWING Attitude.

• 1 Faststrike™ Maxx (Rod and Striking Blade) Details:
• Size: Rod – 4” long, 3/8” dia. Hacksaw Blade Striker 4” x 1/2”
• Cuts and Fabricates: Metal, Plastic, Wood
• Weight: 3 oz.
• Rod and blade attached by 17” Type I nylon cord
• Good for 10,000+ strikes

SUMA Container and FastFire Cubes sold separately. Container and cubes are in photo to demonstrate use of product.  

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