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Helmet Ballast Pouch


Helmet Ballast Pouch

$ 29.95

The Helmet Ballast Pouch is made from the same high density mesh we use in our plate carriers. This Ballast Pouch can also be used without the weights as a pouch to carry various items. It has been created with input from various operators.

Its slim design gives it a great fit to any helmet.

The hook Velcro wings keeps it tight. (Can be trimmed for best fit)

The mesh material allows sand, water, dirt, ect. to easily drain out.

The Helmet Pouch has a top load and Velcro closure allowing you to carry not only the lead weights but other essentials, such as spare batteries. If you are currently using "duck weights and tape", most will fit into the Helmet Pouch.

Full Size: (Pouch size 7" x 3". The flap has 6 1/2" X 2" strip of loop Velcro for ID's/IR)

Full Size includes 3 lead weights.

Half Size: (Pouch size 4 3/4" x 3". The flap has 4 1/2" X 2" strip of loop Velcro for ID's/IR)

Half Size includes 2 lead weights.

Made by hand in U.S.A.

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