Hesco 4800 Series Armor
Hesco Armor

Hesco 4800 Series Armor

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HESCO 4800 Series Armor

The Hesco 4800 series plates are among the lightest and most durable plates in their product line. These special threat multi-curve stand-alone plates weigh between 3.2 and 6.8 pounds depending on the size and are each 1.07” thick. The plates are made with next-gen composite fabric developed by Honeywell. Spectra® is pound-for-pound 15 times stronger than steel. It helps reduce the overall weight by as much as 40% while still maintaining its strength and flexibility. They are wrapped in a water-repellent polyurethane coated Cordura fabric finish.

Plate weight by size:

Shooter/Swimmer Cuts
10”x12” - 4.9lbs
8”x10” - 3.2lbs

11”x14” – 6.8lbs
10.25”x13.25” – 5.9lbs
9.5”x12.5” – 5.1lbs
8.75”x11.75” – 4.4lbs

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