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Grip-S Survival Tool

$ 49.95

The SOLKOA Survival Systems™ Grip-S™ (Grip-Survival) is a pair of universal handles capable of holding a multitude of useful tools for field improvisation beyond the capabilities of today’s multi-tools intended primarily for domestic chore use. Grip-S™, can hold any of the standard flexible wire saws, any universal shank saw blade, and any round or hexagonal tool up to a quarter inch in diameter, and can do so in a single or double handle grip configuration. The Grip-S™ comes with a wire saw, a Phillips/Slotted screw driver bit/connector, and a special U-shank connector. A multitude of various universal shank saw blades and standard ¼” hex bits, metal files, drill bits and awls can be selected to expand capabilities to meet any user’s intended tasks without the need for carrying an entire bag of bulky full-size tools. Handles are available in four colors – Black, Orange, Tan and Red.

• 2 Handles – 2 3/8” x 5/8” dia.
• 1 Multi-strand wire saw – 28”
• 1 Phillips #2 / Slotted #10 bit – 2” x 1/4” dia. (for standard uses and for connecting handles)
• 6 Set screws – 3/8” x 3/16” dia.
• 1 Steel disc (for tightening set screws) – .70 inch dia.
• 1 Metal U-shank adapter (for connecting handles) – 1 5/8” x 5/8”
• 2 Type I nylon cord lanyards – 17”

• Handles are milled from 6061 aluminum
• Handles are hard anodized
• Handles are available in four colors – Black, Orange, Tan and Red.
• Cut, Drill, Saw, Sharpen, Bore Fasten, Grind, Shape: Metals Plastics, Stone. Wood, Masonry, Composites, Bone.
• Weight – 2.5 oz. (pair)
• Saw Blades, Drill Bits and Files SOLD SEPARTATELY
• Handles are Made in the USA

Background SOLKOA Survival Systems products are derived from SOLKOA, Inc.’s professional line of military contingency tools and kits developed and refined by our principals for nearly three decades. Tested under the harshest conditions by those with the toughest jobs in the most dangerous places, our products blend a no-nonsense focus on function, durability and flexibility while reducing unnecessary weight and bulk. The Grip-S™ was originally designed as a tool for military aviators to use in self extraction and subsequent evasion and survival tasks. The lone warrior team at SOLKOA strives everyday to ensure our offerings provide all our customers the crucial edge for success when their lives must depend on it. This is our passion, and our promise.

Accessories for Grip-S™
Milwaukee 6” Metal General Purpose SAWZALL Saw Blade $3.50Item # 48-005186 MADE IN USA
Milwaukee 3” Metal General Purpose HACKZALL Saw Blade $2.95 Item # 49-00-5324 MADE IN USA
MOS 1/8” Black Oxidize General Purpose Drill Bit $1.79 Item # MOSBIT125 MADE IN USA
MOS 3/16” Black Oxidize General Purpose Drill Bit $2.79 Item # MOSBIT1875 MADE IN USA
MOS 1/4” Black Oxidize General Purpose Drill Bit $3.49 Item # MOSBIT25 MADE IN USA
MOS 5/32” Hafted Chain Saw File $1.29 Item# MOSFILE15625 MADE IN THE USA

*drill bits and saw blades sold separately

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