Vietnam Rib Cage Chest Rig Limited Edition
Vietnam Rib Cage Chest Rig Limited Edition
Vietnam Rib Cage Chest Rig Limited Edition
Vietnam Rib Cage Chest Rig Limited Edition
Vietnam Rib Cage Chest Rig Limited Edition
Vietnam Rib Cage Chest Rig Limited Edition
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Vietnam Rib Cage Chest Rig Limited Edition

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Rib Cage Chest Rig

The Rib Cage Chest Rig is a split chassis system utilizing a First Spear Tube in the center and will interface directly with the existing straps, harness systems, and pouches.

This chest rig design enables users to configure pouch options for any weapons system of any caliber, making the user’s options almost limitless. The Rib Cage is constructed from Mil-spec webbing, Velcro loop, and Laser cut Squadron to minimize bulk and give rigidity to the rig no matter how the user decides to configure it. Giving users this ability, The Rib Cage does exactly what you need it to do on any given mission without added bulk or having the system get flimsy under the load you need to carry. 

The Rib Cage comes with our H harness which gives users the ability to not only adjust the straps on the rear of the harness but also adjust the Swift Clips at 4 different height options in order to properly adjust the system to your body and any equipment you might be wearing under it, as well as webbing and One Wrap comms loops for cable or hydration management. Our Back Strap is also included to create a complete platform for a wide range of load bearing configurations and is sewn on one side to eliminate unneeded bulk and hardware. The Rib Cage comes with Swift Clips mounted on the middle band, and 1in Buckles on the top of the harness to allow users to use Backpacks/ Panels with the rig if they so choose, if this is not something you plan on using you can remove the buckles from the rig as all Swift Clip buckles and 1in buckles are field repairable.

 The Rib Cage is skeletonized and has 8 molle columns on each side allowing you to mount pouches on the outside or inside, the back of the Rib Cage has loop to mount any Velcro hook backed pouches or danglers. The chest rig panels are connected via First Spear Tube buckles that provide a secure connection point, as well as quick, one-handed, opening and closing when in situations that may require an open front configuration (i.e. going into the prone). The split rig gives end-users access to a load bearing solution that will support a wide range of weapon platforms, mission profiles, and loadouts.

• Harness
• Back Strap 
• Left and Right side of chest Rig

• 1000D or 500D Cordura construction
• Velcro® Brand Mil-Spec hook & loop
• Mil-Spec Webbing 
• Bar tacked Stress Points & MODULAR Webbing
• Mil-Spec Thread sizes E &  F
• 4 inch First Spear® Tube™ 
• Berry Compliant / Made in the USA



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